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Anonymous asked: My male betta constantly flares at the aquarium glass and tries to fight what I assume is his reflection. He almost never stops. Is there anything I can do to make him stop? I'm afraid this is stressing him out.

You can try and covering the sides of your aquarium with something so that he cant see it. Either that or have the room lite up. My betta does the same thing when the only thing on is the light in his aquarium 


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meofsharick asked: I apologize for liking every single photo, I'm in love with these fish. Hoping two get two new ones soon!

Glad you’re enjoying them :D.


Betta | Betta splendens
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BettaBetta splendens

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Here’s my 20 long that I do nothing to at all. I just do weekly water changes and feed the inhabitants. The betta is Cassius and he can’t hold still to save his life. He lives with a bunch of wild Nerite snails, an Amano shrimp couple, and a few Least Killifish.

All the floating plants are Salvinia. I just threw out about 80% of what was in that tank. It kind of piles and scrunches up so you get at least 30-50% more than what you expect when it covers all of the surface. I’ll be giving it out by little deli condiment cups when the weather permits good shipping.

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