go Betta Fish Facts

Finally took out my camera and took some pictures to show you guys my 3 gallon set up. For the aquascape I decided not to go crazy with it and keep it simple. I used white aquarium sand (The grains are pretty big) and a ceramic piece of driftwood. As for the aquarium itself I bought it at walmart. Its the Tetra GloFish Aquarium KitThe only thing I didn’t like about the aquarium kit was the blue LED light It was waaay too blue. The good thing about the filter that came with the tank is that you can adjust the flow of the water in the back which is perfect for your betta fish. The bad thing is that its constructed pretty poorly and its pretty big but its decent. The last picture that I put is the light that Im currently using. Guys this LED light is AMAZING. It comes with 3 different light settings. You can have the colors Blue & white, white, and just blue. Its perfect for small aquariums you just clip it on to the side of the tank and you’re ready to go. I’ll link you guys to the light in case you’re interested. Click Here

More updates to come in the near future! 

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